Tuesday, February 25, 2014

'Le Pain des Fleurs' Is One Of My Go To Favorite Crunchy Organic Snack Products

When transitioning off of our old processed foods favorites we may still have cravings for the crunch-tastic junk foods of our past. Usually satisfied in those days by some kind of salty fatty chemical-ized chip, or snack cracker, it is important to find safer versions of those old choices now. 'Le Pain des Fleurs'... The Bread Of Flowers... is a choice that satisfies my need for crispy crunch without guilt. A simple ingredient list of organic brown rice flour, organic quinoa flour, organic whole cane sugar, and sea salt. Quite obviously no wheat in this product makes them gluten free as well. Glad to know they are GMO free and use fair trade quinoa. 'Le Pain des Fleurs' are also allergy friendly as they are made without dairy, egg, soy, or yeast. A serving of four crispbreads contains 30mg of sodium, and the sugars are less than 1g. Okay... Okay... but do they taste good? This combination of ingredients works wonders without the over use of salt, fat, oils, and chemicals of the old greasy bag of potato chips, or cheesy crackers of yore. 

Actually the 'Le Pain des Fleurs' taste is very mild, and they accept any topping you care to add onto this crisp bread without fighting the combination you put together. Lightweight and thin they are strong enough to be smeared with avocado and tomato slices, or almond butter and jelly, it all works perfectly. Even though they are great to pair with hummus, or soups, I honestly like them plain. The Bread Of Flowers have saved me from my 'staring into the pantry' crunch cravings on many occasions.

Made in France they may seem a bit pricey compared to a bag of chips, although their value to me is in keeping me from eating a bag of chips! I can highly recommend this product as something to give a try if you see them for sale in your local market. Top them with whatever healthy snack item you have on hand, or just eat plain and unadorned. They work! In researching this crisp bread online I see that they also make chestnut and buckwheat crisp breads, which I would love to sample too. 

So there you have it my dears, an organic processed food item you can safely add to your pantry, approved by the Queen! I will be crunching while drinking caffeine-free green or herbal teas, watching Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and Game Of Thrones! Carry on! Be happy! Be healthy! Be peace!

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