Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fennel Jicama Carrot Pear Juice

This 'Fennel Jicama Juice' is inspired by a recipe from Dan McDonald - The Life Regenerator. Just when I was watching one of his DVD's called "Juicing For Energy and Peak Performance," we got a fresh fennel bulb from the CSA. Great timing! Since I did not know what to do with fennel last year, this was the perfect solution for us! 

Can we say 'beyond amazing' taste? I think that we can! Fennel has a licorice/anise flavor and even though I never liked black licorice as a kid, I found the flavor of fresh fennel to be extremely satisfying. Especially in this juice recipe! After taking a sip, hubby and I just looked at each other and said, "Oh WoW!' ...WoW!...and WoW! ...again. A seriously different flavor than any other drink! Thank you 'Dan The Man!' 

Fennel Jicama Carrot Pear Juice

1 entire Fennel Bulb
4 pears
4 carrots 
1/2 jicama peeled
1 inch ginger peeled

Prepare your organic items and run through your juicer. I put the entire fennel bulb and fronds into my Breville juicer. You can add the pears directly to the juicer, or instead use a blender afterwards to mix the pears with your juice of fennel, jicama, carrot, and ginger. If you juice the pears be sure to put the carrots in afterwards to push through the soft matter in your juicer. Taste your creation! Isn't that fantastic!!! 

You can find Dan McDonald's DVDs for sale here on his website. Dan says this juice is a great tonic for your digestion since pears and fennel are soothing for that area of the body. The only thing different from Dan's original juice recipe is that I added jicama to the recipe, and changed a few amounts.  

All the ingredients in this delicious juice are naturally sweet, then the ginger and fennel give it zing! Definitely give this fennel, jicama, carrot, pear, juice a try! You will love it for sure!!! A memorable juice experience, and good for you too! Sigh. We are happy in the neighborhood.


  1. I am going to try this - it looks and sounds delicious! Thanks!

    1. You will love it! WoW! You left a real comment Brande! Whoo hoo! Not someone trying to sell their product or spam on my post! :-D