Friday, June 28, 2013

Eat The Rainbow Salad!

Isn't that gorgeous! Truthfully I always feel funny posting salad recipes, since salads are the simplest of foods to prepare. Actually that is a good thing since Dr.Joel Fuhrman recommends to make salad the main dish, and Dr. Gabriel Cousins says "Eat The Rainbow!" So here they are together in one colorful bowl for your tasty enjoyment! You can throw together virtually almost any produce and it will work, as I do it every night except weekends. We are on the road during the weekend with my musician husband, and we have to carefully choose from what is available. This salad combo might sound crazy, but it tasted fantastic. So consider this a friendly reminder of all the wonderful things you can place in that bowl to fill you up with nutrient dense goodness! Shine on you crazy diamonds and eat that live color!

Crazy Rainbow Salad
All ingredients are organic.

Green Romaine Lettuce
Green Cucumber
Green chopped Broccoli
Purple cabbage slices
Orange sweet pepper slices
Red Grapes
Yellow Artichoke hearts sliced
White Cashews 
Black Currents

Topped with...

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