Friday, March 29, 2013

Living A Blessed Life: Be Love Farm, Cafe Gratitude, and Gracias Madre

Wow! I was following the crumb trail from the movie "May I Be Frank" and ended up at this little gem of a video seen above. It was a few employees and the owner of 'Cafe Gratitude' that helped inspire addictive personality Frank Ferrante get himself on the road to wellness. In order to facilitate Frank facing himself on many personal levels including food, a creative mix of techniques was used over a period of 42 days. Eventually Frank was able to realize a healthier lifestyle. This included removing emotional blocks, stopping medications, getting rid of Hepatitis C, along with the benefits of losing quite a bit of weight. The movie is emotional, uplifting, funny, and sometimes filled with TMI, and that is the nature of a wildly charming personality like Frank. I recommend watching this film as it shows changing one's life is truly possible when others hearts move to action, and your heart is ready and open to receive the gift.

After watching "May I Be Frank," I wanted to see where these heart inspired people in the film actually work everyday which led them to begin this journey with Frank. What I found behind the 'Cafe Gratitude' restaurant was an inspiring couple that lives their life in the highest sense, even in their business model. You can read more about their work philosophy in their book 'Sacred Commerce" as well as the recipe book based on Cafe Gratitude recipes called, "I Am Grateful." 

Living on the East coast I am not able to enjoy the tastes of their fabulous restaurants in the San Francisco area, but I can sure feel the love! This couple expresses so beautifully that eating at organic restaurants can be a communal and spiritual experience beyond being extremely healthy for both the guest and the employee. It does not matter whether the food is served raw or cooked, those healthy meals are a vision that I would like made manifest across this country for everyone to enjoy! Terces and Matthew Englehart are a wonderful example of doing everything in life with love. Enjoy the video above, and may you do everything in your life with passion, gratitude, kindness, and love.


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