Monday, March 18, 2013

Food Is The Problem, Food Is The Solution

Gardening is a subversive activity! Take the power back over your health, and your money, by growing your own food. Say no to bottles, boxes, and cans! Dig in, and create your food freedom! Let's lower the toxic effects of the industrial food model on our bodies and grow our own. Live in the city? You could get involved in local community growing groups and take back those wasted vacant city lots. Below are a few excellent video TED talks about this revolutionary garden subject. Time to get down and dirty!

Since we just moved to a different home, our goal will be to utilize planters, containers, and perhaps some raised beds. There are many ways to grow food even if you don't have the standard yard garden plot space. For example: you could cover a wall with old gutters, poke a few drainage holes in plastic contractor buckets and kiddie pools, or plant directly on concrete as seen in John Kohler's video about Urban Adamah's many diverse container ideas. Right here on this blog you can check out my "Dirt" page filled with information, videos, and links for where to purchase seeds, worms, rain barrels, rock dust and other related supplies for getting started with your own organic home garden. 

Some people complain about the cost of organic foods, or the lack of availability of fresh produce. This is your chance to start your own 'Victory Garden' movement... which is about your 'Victory' over bad industrial chemically laden processed foods, and then reclaiming your good health in a less expensive way. You will be getting outdoors into the sun, moving your body, feeling zen in the dirt, happy to see your bounty grow, and eating healthy. Certainly a powerful mix of goodness just for you! Earth magic!

Below is a video from Ron Finley, a guerrilla gardener from South Central Los Angeles. He has an uplifting, yet real approach. Where he lives wheelchairs are sold on the corner, and dialysis clinics are popping up as quick as those fast food joints in the city. Read more about Ron and his "put a shovel in your hands" approach here.

Below is a video talk from Roger Doiron from Kitchen Gardens International. This website was built to help you create your own garden areas. A great go to resource for all your small gardening questions and needs. Seriously check that site out!


Propaganda gardening! Oh yes! More revolution! See your resources differently! Look at this town in England that invented a whole new way of changing the look of a city! Enjoy Pam Warhurst talk about the simple steps it took to create the sharable 'Incredible Edible' gardening. You will love her, and their creative result! Lot's of ideas!

No post on gardening would be complete without a video from the always enthusiastic John Kohler, one of You Tubes biggest advocates for 'Growing Your Greens!' You will be amazed as this video progresses at the size of the greens grown in a garden John visits! You will find John to be a resource of unending information on this channel which helps in all areas of growing organic food and plants!


Now it's your turn, as the growing season is now upon us. Get your food revolution on organic gardening citizens! The Sun, Earth, and plants await you and your beautiful growing Spirit. Thrive and stay alive!

UPDATE April 19 2013: I found this wonderful related article at the Jay Kordich Blog here.


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