Friday, January 4, 2013

Organizing Your Superfoods For Morning Smoothies

As promised I am starting my little series on how I organize foods for my healthy lifestyle. This is how I deal with getting my superfoods together for morning smoothies! I am a zombie in the morning, and I need all the help I can get! Since green smoothies are the quick answer to making a healthy breakfast to go, let's help you make it even quicker! 

Instead of going to four different places in your kitchen or refrigerator to get supplies, how about having them all in one handy movable bin!!! This has been a fantastic time saver for me, and I highly recommend you do this to make your life so much easier and more efficient. I bought the clear 'Fridge Binz' at 'Bed Bath and Beyond' in the kitchen drawer organization department. You can also buy these bins online if you click InterDesign Binz Fridge & Freezer Storage. These Binz are sized to fit the length of your refrigerator shelf, so there is no wasted space. I filled my narrow bin with glass mason jars containing hemp seeds, chia seeds, unhulled sesame seeds, and my home ground golden flax seed powder. 

When shopping at my local natural foods store I buy my hemp and flax fresh from the refrigerator case. I grind the golden flax seeds in a small coffee bean grinder to make the powder. I keep my Fridge bin on the top shelf of the refrigerator as it is important to keep these seeds cold so they do not go rancid. When I need some superfoods for a smoothie, or to make any recipe more nutritious, all I have to do is slide the bin out, and place on the kitchen counter next to the blender. No looking and grabbing behind foods in the fridge! Bam!

When making my green smoothies I then grab my coconut water or almond milk, and start adding a few tablespoons of each bin item to the liquid. I don't measure my superfoods precisely either, as I save more time by just pouring out the approximate amount of the seeds, which is one tablespoon for the sesame seeds and two tablespoons for the others. I add the chia in first so it sits in the liquid to gel up, then add the rest. Next I will add my dark greens, fruits and berries. The whole thing is so quick, so easy, ya gotta love it! Hope this helps you!

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  1. I love your bin, I think I could use an old glass bread loaf pan.

  2. Great tips Crystal!!! I need to pick up some chia seed!!
    I by a fluke discovered that frozen cucumber are AWESOME in a smoothie!! I had a bumper crop last year so I peeled, seeded and cut into 1" chunks some of the surplus and froze it. It's GROSS thawed but I can pour out some and use them like ice cubes in my smoothie!


    Have your tried adding tumeric to your smoothies?? It's great for inflammation!

    1. Yes I do add Turmeric to smoothies and juices...and soups...and sometimes salsa. Just got to be careful not to get it on the counters! So yellow! I never thought about frozen cukes, but using them as your ice is a fantastic solution! Love it!