Friday, November 2, 2012

Making Food Fun!!!

I just found this cool book called "Funny Food" filled with 365 creative ideas for making kid's food plates fun! I think it is simply wonderful. Created by Bill Wurtzel, and his wife Claire, to help inspire you to get downright silly! Making the food look this way actually works at getting kids to eat their food too. You know, you could even make these dishes to surprise your spouse in the morning, just like Bill has been doing to his wife for 50 years! You see 'Fun Food' is not just for kids! So now it is your turn to spread food love, and lighten up the morning rush mood at your home. Need some super-dooper ideas? Well just check out the video above about the book by Bill and Clair Wurtzel, which would make a fun gift for a mom, dad, or you! Be sure to go to their website for more delicious giggles.

Another awesome way to have the kids "play" with their food is to get these fabulous 'Food Face' plates made by the ultra-silly company Fred and Friends. (The makers of the Mustache pacifier called Chill Baby!) I had already bought 'Food Face' to give the gift of food creativity to my 3 year old artist granddaughter, but I learned today that I will just have to buy Ms. Food Face too. The original male plate will go to my grandson, and the lady face will go to my granddaughter. Yes, these wild well made plates would make great Holiday presents this year for the grandchildren...or! Well really...think about it, wouldn't you like to use this plate too? So whenever my little darlings come to eat their organic peas and carrots at grandma's house, they can have some yummy fun, and play with their food! That is if I don't keep these plates for myself!

So there you go! You got two holiday food ideas for gift giving to your best friend, the kids in your life...or you! Your mission... keep 'em laughing while you feed them healthy foods! Oh the sneaky cheeky devils that we are! Wink! Wink!

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