Monday, November 26, 2012

Are You Considering Supplement Products?

I just watched a new video by the always energetic John Kohler of OK Raw. I really think John did a great overview on what supplements one may consider adding to their healthy fresh whole food diet, so I want to immediately share this video with you! I have to say that I totally agree with John's viewpoint of first getting what your body needs from fresh nutrient dense organic fruits and vegetables, and especially by juicing with dark leafy greens. That being said, sometimes we may need a bit of help with certain medical or body issues. Everyone is different and each person has to find out what extra nutrients they may need to supplement for their medical needs. So see your doctor for lab tests, and do your own research on the companies in the marketplace. You should get some tests done and a blood work up so you don't add too much of something you already have in abundance, or be negligent about something your body actually needs more than something else. We each are similar, and different in some aspects, and you can only know where you are at by getting the lab work. Also remember when adding supplements and vitamins that a product made directly from nature is best, before anything derived from chemicals. Read labels and investigate to be sure you are getting the highest quality.

Some supplements may be more beneficial than others, and there are some you should just avoid. Since there are times we may need to add some type of supplements to our diet due to our own medical starting point and nutritional situations, I feel John provides an excellent beginners overview of where to put your attention. Fresh veggies and fruits are always best, but when you need to supplement, consider the opinions John Kohler shares in this video below about the various products available in the marketplace. John discusses what to keep in mind, the difference between whole foods, bottled products, raw products, popular supplements, and a few personal body care products such as lotions, deodorant, and toothpaste.

I also recommend viewing the two videos below, made by Dr.Vincent Bellonzi, and Dr.Joel Fuhrman talking about this important subject. Most of my doctors recommended that I take certain vitamins and supplements in addition to my nutrient dense food choices. I always check with them to see what their opinion is about what item I have decided to add to address my body functions and diseases. With today's depleted soils we do not get the optimum nutrients that were available in the past from just our fruits and vegetables. Now we must consider the vitamin basics for everyone, and the supplements that help individuals with deficiencies.

Below  Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about what to look for in a basic multivitamin supplement. Remember that everything you put into your body on a daily basis is important enough to do the proper research on its effects on you. If you are wondering what to add in addition to your healthy food, and juicing, watch all of these informational videos. Then talk with your doctor or nutritionist about your own thoughts about what may be best for your body issues.


  1. Very timely post for me!! I just had my routine bloodwork done and the endocronologist had tests done for vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Lo and behold, even tho I eat fairly well and was taking supplements, my vitamin D and B12 levels were almost non-existant!! Which doesn't help the fibro pain at all!! Evidently I'm not able to absorb enough thru food or pills.
    Curently she want me to take liquid versions sub-lingually and see if that helps. This info will help me make the right choices on wha to supplement.
    BTW--I read regularly even if i don't comment. Often I'm reading on my iphone and commenting is a BEAST or I'm just too stupid to figure it out!! Hope you're all settle in your new home!

  2. Oh I am so glad you had the tests done by your endo Tamera. I just had mine done and I am waiting for the results of the entire profile which I will talk about when I get them. I do take the B12 bilingually and I occasionally use nutritional yeast in my foods. I was on that 50,000IU dose for D but I am now going to try and maintain by taking Dr. Fuhrmans women's daily multi-vitamin with 2,000 D3 plus adding a daily dose of liquid 1000 D3.

    You will feel so much better once your D levels are up! Thanks for reading my blog! It is always nice to hear someone is out there checking out the posts! :-D