Friday, August 24, 2012

What's That? Pink Pearl Apples!

Look at this crazy apple! This is our first experience with the elusive Pink Pearl Apple. Our local natural foods market only gets these apples in the store one week a year. So of course we had to try them! So unique! So psychedelic! So deliciously beautiful!  
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The young man at the Juice Bar asked us if we tried them yet, and then he heartily recommended that we purchase some right away. So yes Dave, we got some! We were curious cats. It is just so cool that they are so pink inside! 

I did noticed that the juice seems to eventually turn purple on the paper plate. Although I could not find any information about that phenomenon.

The outside of the small Pink Pearl Apple is a shade of golden beige. You would never know that such a hot pink color is waiting for you inside under the skin. The taste of this apple is tart and crisp! Many folks understandably love to make pink applesauce with these apples. Certainly that would be a colorful dish to serve when company comes to visit! These apple slices would also look lovely on a fresh fruit party plate, especially since they did not turn brown like regular apple flesh. If you happen to see these unassuming Pink Pearl apples at your produce area, definitely give them a try!

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