Friday, July 6, 2012

Geeky Fruit Smoothies For Everyone!

The country is on fire, and everyone is hot, hot, hot! People we know have been out of power for a week, and this post is dedicated to those folks! So on these stinking hot days that most have been enduring lately, we need a big fat treat! Amen to that fact! Let's create something delicious, quick, and geeky for everyone to cool down with now!

A shot of the temperature in the "shade" of my kitchen porch this evening. It's actually much hotter in the kitchen, as this old house holds in the heat. Good job house! Now if you could only do that in the winter! The humidity has been 58 percent.
People are losing their food to no electricity. We lost our top of the line big computer surge protector unit, to 8 continuous brown outs within one minute. That happened two days in a row. We have to pull the plug on our old computer beasts, when we are not using them...or else. Crazy as it sounds mailboxes are melting! For real...Google it! We have had my car in the shop 4 times to work on the air conditioner, and still no relief there. Luckily I am writing this post from the peaceful climes of our air conditioned office. Whew! So I say... let's just stay inside, and have treats!

Unfortunately the hubby has been gigging outside during these scorchers. Hectic Red opened for Dennis DeYoung of Styx last Friday night, and the reports of temperatures ran from 105-110 degrees, in Dundalk that night. Suchy says he did not know who he was at times! Still they rocked their buttz off! Tomorrow Ben has another outside gig and it's going to be over 100 again. So I made him that Geeky Fruit smoothie in the Spock glass above to cool my hot rocker down!

The beauty of this sweet treat pleasure, is that it's good for you too! You know I gotta put super-foods in everything I make! So serve this delish fresh, and frozen, fruit smoothie up in your favorite 'Geeky glass!' ...Why?... Because it gets a smile every time silly! And those are good for you too! How cool is good old 'Star Trek Spock Lives' on the glass above?!! Look at the photos below, and you will find one of my awesome "Lord Of The Rings" light up goblets. Of course I used the King! Aragorn Lives! It is getting hot in here! Whoo hoo! So go for it fellow healthy geeks! Get your smoothie on!

The Geeky Fruit Smoothie

2 bananas
1/2 papaya 
4-6 oz coconut water 
handful of frozen berries 
1 tsp chia 
4 oz kefir
flax oil 

Peel and scoop seeds out of papaya. Cut up into large pieces. Place in a blender, bananas, papaya, 4 oz of coconut water and then pulse. Blend till mixed. Oh check out my old "Osterizer" Blender from the seventies! Still working! Yes I'd love a Vita-Mix too! Wanna buy me one? And while your at it, could you get me a Norwalk juicing machine. Thank you so much! You are the nicest peep in puppet-land!

Back to the smoothie! Remember these quantities are approximate in this type of recipe, you can be free to do as you wish when putting together your fruit smoothie. Add 1 tsp chia seeds, 2oz more coconut water on top of seeds, a squirt of flax oil, and about 4oz of kefir. Blend again, then add handful of the frozen berries.

(We had a bag of frozen mixed berries containing blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. I also had blueberry flavored kefir on hand to add in the mix.) 

Blendo-rama mama! Now pour your fantabulous fruit smoothie mixture into your favorite geek-dom drinking vessel, and share the coolness with someone! 

Oh yeah, they will be loving you, because this cold fruit smoothie is so freakin' yummy! Smile loudly and get your geek on!...or as Hectic Red sings, "Let your freak flag fly!"

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