Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snack Time! Alter Eco Chocolate

A few hours after dinner, our 'go to snack' most evenings is dark chocolate. Quick, easy and healthy. Dark chocolate rocks! Two squares is all it takes to satisfy the soul. Mmmmm choclaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhte Close your eyes and smile!

The Alter Eco brand is fair trade, and organic. These are qualities we look for when we buy chocolate. Alter Eco recently changed their packaging, which came after a delay of not seeing the product for a week or two on the store shelves. Slightly concerned, 
I went to the website to see what's up. There I read a nice explanation that all was well, and they were making some changes that also improved the taste of their chocolate. That's good news, as we would certainly miss this company's dark chocolate if they went away. We tried some other brands that were just okay, and some that were waxy tasting. We highly recommend, and declare that Alter Eco is our favorite brand of the fair trade chocolates, for it's rich dark silky taste. 

So once again we are getting our dark chocolate fix, and all is well with our world. Our ultimate fav is 'Quinoa Crunch', followed by 'Blackout' and 'Almond'. Alter Eco has other flavors such as Toffee, Mint, and chocolate with orange peel. If you are in the organic section of your store and see a wall of chocolate choices. Check this brand out...your taste buds, as well as your soul, will be so glad you did! You can buy Alter Eco - Organic Chocolate Dark Quinoa chocolate right now! haha!

Be sure to watch the excellent video below, that I found on the Alter Eco web site, about the value of choosing fair trade whenever you can!