Saturday, December 31, 2011

Charlotte Gerson Speaks with Jay Kordich About Overcoming Disease

This 48 minute video gives a wonderful overview of the body's ability to heal itself after removing toxic food products, and then be given live food nutrients from daily juicing. Charlotte Gerson is 89 years old in this recent interview and in vibrant health as you can see for yourself. She is the daughter of Dr. Max Gerson who started the 'Gerson Therapies' based on juicing fresh clean organic vegetables and fruits, that have helped so many people cure themselves of chronic disease conditions. Charlotte Gerson discusses what those juice combinations are as well as their effects, and other important information about live foods in this interview. So start the new year by learning what to do for yourself so you can live to be a healthy happy 100 year old!

Although not seen in this video, Jay Kordich is known as the 'juiceman' and has been juicing, and helping others to begin a daily juicing regime most of his life. This video is 48 minutes long and worth watching to learn about the the benefits, and history of juicing. The films about Dr.Gerson are listed on my inspiration page above. I will put this video above those films permanently.

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