Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pear Kiwi Raspberry Super Smoothie

Let's start the year off with something yummy, and very berry good for you!!!! Pear is sweet without being overly sugary, and if you don't like bananas in your smoothies, you can just substitute another pear. I always loved pear baby food, and perhaps like me, you can just think of this smoothie as a superfood power packed version of that tiny treat, only super-sized...for real! Pear adds wonderful texture to a smoothie, plus it gently helps with any intestinal problems you may have from the holidays.

Pear Kiwi Raspberry Super Smoothie

8oz Coconut water
1 Tb hemp seed
1 Tb chia seed
2 Tb flax powder ground from golden flax seeds
1 Tb unhulled sesame seeds
1 Tb cinnamon 
1 inch square fresh cut broccoli sprouts
dandelion leaves - small handful
1-2 pears
2 Banana's
2 kiwis
Red raspberries - small handful
2 Tb coconut flakes
2 tsp Barley powder
The liquid from 1 krill oil capsule or a few drops of vegan DHA/EPA

Add to a blender, the coconut water and your superfoods (chia, hemp, flax, sesame, cinnamon). Then add your sprouts and dandelion. You can of course substitute other greens at this point. Blend. Now add your fruits. This time of year your berries may be frozen, and that is fine. You can also add in your optional items. Blend again till creamy. Will make enough smoothie goodness for two people. Drink up and have a wonderful New Year! Serve this magic with a twinkle in your eye.


  1. I've been drinking green smoothies for the last few months but today wanted someone else's inspiration instead of my usual (delicious) pineapple-mango version... This was great! I used honey belle pears instead of a banana, and green tea instead of coconut water. Fantastic! Thank you so much.

    1. You are so very welcome Amy! So nice to hear from a fellow smoothie lover! I will have to try the green tea too!